New Construction

Our expert electricians and engineers have extensive experience working on construction of new facilities with a concentration in specialty electrical systems and low-voltage solutions.

Our core business is working with commercial institutions in downtown Chicago and the collar counties of the cook county region to improve their buildings.

Commercial Renovations & Tenant Improvements

Working in active health care facilities requires a specific skill set. With our experience in hospitals, from setting up wifi in the patient rooms to maintence throughout complex facilities, we understand how to work in an open, active facility and the careful, educated precautions that must be taken to protect patients and healthcare professionals. 


Midwest Interstate provides data center installation and critical power support to partners who need it. We understand the truly critical nature of power and know how to provide the support a major data center demands, including 24-hour shut-downs, tier one, two and three facilities, redundant power feeds, and back-up generators.

Data Centers & Central Offices

House Electricians & Technicians and Commercial Maintenance

We offer day to day on-site client support for building electrical systems. As house electricians we provide the support and maintenance  including the following services: riser management, telecommunications, security, fire alarm, audio/video, and general electrical system support services.

Service Trucks

Our service trucks provide 24-hour, full-service, on-call electrical maintenance for our valued customers.

We are one of the few Chicago-area electrical contractors with the expertise to partner with furniture vendors to set up power and internet/phone needs in office build-outs. We manufacture our own specialty electrical boxes to fit the requirements of the different furniture systems on the market.

Office Furniture Installations

Consulting Services

Our leadership supports provides design services for all electrical and telecommunication systems. We specialize in design build-outs and services. We're able to provide these expert services because, after 40+ years of hands-on work, we know the unique needs of our clients and so can provide insight and optimal recommendations to fit the needs and budgets of our trusted partners.